Galley's Dine for Cause initiative so far in 2023

Galley continues the Dine for a Cause program in 2023, here's some achievements thus far

Galley's Dine for a Cause highlights local organizations raising awareness and funds every Thursday of select months with 10 percent of the proceeds donated to that month’s organization. The initiative was created to support the community while offering diners an opportunity to come together for a great meal and conversation.

Here is a list of what this program has achieved for some of our local organizations and community. 

Peggy Adams starts the year off as the recipients of collected donations in January and receives $2,912. 

Boys and Girls Club receives donation from Hilton

The Boys and Girls Club are the recipients of donations collected in February and received $6,067.

Els for Autism receives donations from Hilton

Els for Autism received collected donations in April totaling to $5,799. 

Best Buddies receives donation from Hilton

Best Buddies International are the recipients of donations collected in March and received $7,794.

Cultural Council receives donations from Hilton

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach are the recipients of donations for May and received $4,726.

Compass LGBTQ Community Center received the collected donations for June and brought Galley's fundraising initiative to a total of $30,000 in the first six months of 2023.



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