Faith's Place Kicks Off the 'Don't Stop the Music' Campaign at The Square

The young dancers and musicians of Faith's Place rocked the lawn during a pop-up performance

The heart of The Square was filled with song and dance on March 18th thanks to an inspiring performance by the students of Faith's Place Center for Arts Education, who kicked off their 'Don't Stop the Music' campaign with local leaders and the community. 

Faith’s Place Percussion, Jubilant Dancers, and other ensembles performed to the song Don’t Stop the Music, as Commissioner Shoaf, Related Companies' Stephen Travers, and other local leaders celebrated the first donation to Faith’s Place by Related Companies and the start of a 2-week campaign to raise the funds needed to complete renovations on their program facility. 

Faith’s Place Center for Arts Education serves underprivileged children in Palm Beach County by providing Preschool for 3-, 4- and 5-year-olds as well as After School Arts Enrichment for school aged students kindergarten through 12th grades. Over the course of 7 years, Faith’s Place has provided and secured over $50,000 in college scholarships for their graduating seniors.

Preparing young minds for the future, Faith's Place is dedicated to developing a long-lasting relationship within the community by giving back to those who most benefit from their services. Music is at the heart of their programs and educational approach, and thousands have enjoyed music performances by the students in a wide variety of public places. Having outgrown their facility, Faith’s Place moved into a larger leased facility off Australian Avenue in late 2020. Preparing to open to students once again, they learned that the renovations they had undertaken were still not enough to qualify the facility as a childcare location. With another $60,000 in expenses still required before Faith’s Place is allowed to open, and having already spent $50,000 thus far, the organization needed the community’s help to keep their most treasured assets.

Check out these highlights of the afternoon:

Marching band and leader

Faith's Place Founder Noble Mays leads the performance and afternoon festivities. 

Cheerleaders and band leader


Giant check presentation

Related Companies is proud to kick off the campaign with a $2K donation presented during the event.

people posing with giant check

Commissioner Shoaf and Faith's Place's Noble Mays and Alexis Lockhart celebrate the first donation of the campaign. 


Faith's Place Jubilant Dancers hyped up the crowd while dancing along with the percussion ensemble. 

marching band

To learn more about Faith's Place and to donate to their 'Don't Stop the Music' campaign, visit


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