In Conversation with Artist Deb Silver

Get to know our upcoming headliner for Jazz Sessions on April 11

 1. Introduce yourself and anyone else who may be playing with you for Jazz Sessions and where you are from?
Deb Silver UK / NYC & Can Kabas Turkey UK

 2. What initially inspired you to pursue a career in jazz music?
My Parents Mum is a Swing singer and Dad is a Jazz singer & pianist

 3. What can attendees expect from your upcoming performance?
A taste of the 30s & 40s Swing & Bossa Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass

 4. What are some of the key influences that have shaped your unique sound?
Ella, Louie, Billy & Frank

 5. If you could play with any one musician (living or dead) who would that be and why?
Frank Sinatra - he was The Greatest!


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