Calling All Vegans – This One's For You

Top vegan eats at The Square

We've made dining out for the vegan in your life a breeze with our top vegan menu items roundup:

Planta: Your eyes will light up with all the options available at this 100% plant-based restaurant. Sushi can contain raw fish, such as squid, eel and salmon...not something a vegan would eat. Using eggplant, ahi watermelon and other ingredients to mimic traditional sushi, Planta is changing the game with a selection that looks, tastes and feels like the real deal.

 Ahi watermelon sushi

Pura Vida: For a light bite or filling lunch, Pura Vida is serving up vegan-friendly dishes any time of day. Choose from something simple and delicious like Avocado Toast, Overnight Oats or a flavorful Vegan Lentil Bowl topped with a green Tahini sauce. Don’t forget all three acai bowls on the menu are all vegan and made fresh to order.

Vegan Lentil Bowl

True Food Kitchen: If you’re looking for classic food options when dining out like pizza and burgers, True Food Kitchen has you covered. For pizza, try the spinach and mushroom pizza made with house made vegan almond ricotta. You’ll usually find a typical burger comes with lettuce, tomato and onion, but do you know what comes on TFK’s vegan double cheeseburger? Vegan cheddar, vegenaise instead of regular mayo, Portobello, walnut, beet, lettuce, pickled onion and organic tomato on a flaxseed bun.  

Spinach and mushroom vegan pizza

Sweetgreen: The mix of flavors in the Shroomami bowl from Sweetgreen is a must-try for something quick, healthy and convenient. These vegan ingredients pack a delicious and hearty punch: Roasted sesame tofu, warm Portobello mix, raw beets, cucumbers, basil, sunflower seeds, warm wild rice, shredded kale, and miso sesame ginger dressing.

Shroomami bowl

Angie’s Epicurean: For something on the sweeter side, look for the Insta-worthy pink Angie's Epicurean ice cream truck. Owner and plant-based chef Angela Fernandez designs each dessert and gourmet product from scratch with a health-oriented focus, catering cross-market to all dietary needs including: kosher, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy free, non-GMO and plant based. So now the question is: one scoop or two?

Ice cream from Angie's Epicurean


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