CityPlace Live Music 2024

Catch these live acts on the lawn:

May 2024

Fri, May 3 from 6-10PM: Cat and Carlos - Acoustic Pop and Top 40

Sat, May 4 from 1-4PM: Mikayla Smith- Reggae, Top 40 and RnB 

Sat, May 4 from 6-10PM:  Raquel - Pop, Acoustic, Top 40

Sun, May 5 from 12-4PM: Cinco de Mayo with El Camino featuring Elston Torres - Grammy Award Winning, Latin Pop and Acoustic

Thurs, May 9 from 5-8PM: Jazz Sessions at CityPlace

Fri, May 10 from 6-10PM: Kika - Reggae, Latin, Soft Rock and Top 40

Sat, May 11 from 1-4PM: James Archer - sax, pop and Top 40

Sat, May 11 from 7-10PM: Yvette Norwood-Tiger - Jazz

Sun, May 12 from 1-4PM: Ellie Santra - Pop, Jazz and Top 40

Fri, May 17 from 6-10PM: Ka Villa - Top 40 and Party Mix

Sat, May 18 from 1-4PM: Gilly and Friends - Caribbean and Latin Acoustic 

Sat, May 18 from 6-9PM: The Kings Academy Jazz Ensemble 

Fri, May 24 from 6-10PM: Mickey Smith Jr. - R&B, Sax and Jazz, Grammy Award Winning

Sat, May 25 from 1-4pm: Amanda Trio - Jazz/Blue grass

Sat, May 25 from 6-10pm: Nicole Carbojal - Alternative Acoustic Dou

Sun, May 26 from 1-4PM: JL Jazz Trio - Jazz

Mon, May  27 from 1-4PM: Jordan Laurenti - Reggae, R&B and Top 40 

Fri, May 31 from 6-10PM: Dave Damage - Violinist, Top 40, Classics 

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