Water Pavilion West Palm 
Water Pavilion Aerial

Jeppe Hein

(Danish, b. 1974)

Water Pavilion West Palm


Water, jets, electric pumps, iron grating, stainless steel, nozzles, computer programmed control

“Independent from background, gender or age, people will forget in a second who and where they are because it is an amazing feeling to be surrounded by walls of water. I hope this experience strengthens the sense of community between the various groups that generally reflect a district at large.” - Jeppe Hein

In the artist’s first permanent installation in Florida, internationally acclaimed Berlin-based Jeppe Hein brings the whimsical Water Pavilion West Palm to The Square.  Hein’s enlightened concepts, interactive design and purity of natural elements enliven the neighborhood and emphasize its character as an ‘urban oasis’. This site-specific commissioned project mirrors the rounded circumference of the Plaza, with two interlocking circles of jets that shoot up at staggered intervals, creating interior spaces comprised of H2O. Visitors are beckoned to move in and out of “rooms” created by these ephemeral walls. All are welcomed to cool down and connect in new ways within this playful public artwork.


How is the cleanliness of Water Pavilion West Palm maintained?

UV filters sanitize the water every cycle the water passes through the pumps

2 stage filtration (sand and mesh) to filter out any particulates in the water

Chlorination treatment to prevent the growth of algae



Daily 10am-11pm