Artist Meet & Greet and Exhibition Opening

ASSEMBLAGE: An Organically Grown Exhibition
is a yearlong visual art project on the first floor of the Culture Lab.

ASSEMBLAGE opened on April 6, 2018, with two artists, Ioanna Pantazopoulou and Jennifer Steinkamp, and additional artists will be integrated until the exhibit’s culminating event in December 2018.

Related Companies & Culture Corps invite you to meet local artists Amy Gross, Phillip Estlund & Sarah Knouse whose work will be on view beginning Thursday, July 26 from 4-6pm.

Phillip Estlund
Untitled, 2018
Using found materials, including both the detritus from the built and natural worlds, Estlund’s installation appears to emerge from, or perhaps melt into, its environment. Aiming to illustrate and imagine the inevitability and finality of decay, his work nonetheless speaks to the potential for future growth amid the visual stew that is our contemporary landscape.

Amy Gross
Silver Bees and Black and White Warblers, adapted 2018
Gross’ hand embroidered and beaded fiber sculptures create a soft green world, frozen in time. Cleared of its original purpose, the previous Macy’s is now spotted by Gross’ handmade spores, serving as the perfect environment for the handmade birds and bees to colonize and adapt.

Sarah Knouse
Leopard Lamp III, 2017; Pastoral Flamingos, adapted 2018; Ghost Of…, adapted 2018
Inhabiting the former retail environment where household goods were once sold, Knouse’s work explores themes of ornamentation and superficial grandeur as they occur on a domestic scale. From distorted animal figures, to whimsically transformed furniture, her work harkens back to antique décor while acknowledging the complicated relationship between humans and the natural world.


Event Host:

Culture Lab

Date & Time:

July 26th from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm

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