Artist Talk with Rico Gatson: Meditations on the Mountain Top

Artist Rico Gatson will discuss his work and practice, CityPlace mural project “Mountain Top” on the Gardenia Garage and the legacy and impact of Dr. King on Martin Luther King Day.

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The CityPlace mural project titled “Mountain Top” is to be completed by February 2019 on the Gardenia Garage, curated by Culture Corps. Each level of the garage will be a different color from a six color combination of green, red, black, orange and violet. The title “Mountain Top” is inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s final speech in which he says “I have been to the mountain top and I have seen the promised land.”

About Rico Gatson:

American, b. 1966, based in Brooklyn, NY

Over the course of almost two decades, Rico Gatson has become celebrated for his confrontational and politically opinionated artworks, often based on significant moments in black history. Images of riots, fires, and confinement pervade his works, which have touched on a range of subjects like the Watts Riots, the presidential election of Barack Obama, and the formation of the Black Panthers. Even though he uses painting, video, sculpture and installation, Gatson prefers not to be defined by any single medium, rather thinking of himself as an object maker inspired by Conceptualism and Performance Art.

Featured image is titled “Martin with Family 2016” by Rico Gatson.


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Date & Time:

January 21st from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm

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