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Meet your bartender: Jeremy Brantley

Favorite drink: “Jameson. It would make a great, 

alliterative last name for me.”

Jeremy’s a staple behind the patio bar at City Tap

House, where he can see everything that’s

happening at CityPlace. We asked him to teach us

how to make one of his specialty drinks, so picked

the enticing “Pimm’s Elixer,” which is similar to an

Arnold Palmer, with a slice of fun!
Meet your ingredients:

- Pimm’s No. 1 Cup Liqueur

- Mint Leaves

- Sliced Cucumber

- Dr. Marigold’s Tealixer Herbal Kombucha

- Lemonade
The first step is to cut the cucumber – don’t use too

much – and then add the mint leaves to a tall

serving glass.
Next, add Pimm’s Liqueur to the glass until it’s about

¼ full. This liqueur has a light taste of spice and citrus,

and is very popular in the U.K.

Muddle cucumber and mint leaves into the Pimms.

Muddling helps release flavors from the mint and

cucumber so that they bind with the alcohol better.

Add about ½ cup of Dr. Marigold’s Tealixer Herbal

Kombucha. This has a rich flavor and is packed with

probiotics. It comes straight from the tap at City Tap,

and the carbonation adds a nice little bite to the

After the Kombucha, set the shaker over the serving

glass, and give your concoction a good jiggle.
Pour back into the serving glass, and top with


Meet your drink: Pimm’s Elixer

This cocktail is light and refreshing, and rather

perfect to sip while watching the world go by at

CityPlace. City Tap House is located on the second

level overlooking CityPlace Plaza (700 S. Rosemary

Ave. in West Palm Beach)

For more information on City Tap House, visit

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